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About us

TEC Corporation, LTD.

Our company stands at the forefront of the plastic manufacturing industry's development within South Korea, boasting a history of over 30 years. As a supplier of essential equipment and machinery for the plastic business, we have delivered a wide range of products, including PP Foam Sheet Extruders, Trimming Crushers, PP Foam Molding Machines, Automatic Packaging Machines, and Blow Moulding Equipment. Through these contributions, we have established deep connections with numerous plastic manufacturing companies nationwide and significantly contributed to the domestic and international export of high-quality plastic products made with our superior machinery.


Our Mission

Our success is grounded in our specialized personnel and advanced technology. The experience gained over more than three decades in the industry is a crucial asset for us in providing high-quality plastic products that meet market demands.

We also maintain a wide inventory of plastic materials and have the capability to offer sheets of specific standards at reasonable prices to meet our customers' requirements.

Core Values

Customer-centric Services

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to understand our customers' needs accurately and provide the best possible solutions to meet those needs. We welcome quotation inquiries at any time and are confident in our ability to supply the highest quality plastic products.

Forward-looking Vision

Our company is committed to sustainable development and innovation. We will continue to work towards the future of the plastic manufacturing industry, maintaining our leadership position through the introduction of new technologies and research and development. We aim to support the growth of the plastic manufacturing industry both within Korea and internationally.


TEC customer service team are at your disposal to answer any questions or address urgent needs.

" Factory of reusable and personalized cups, commitment to ecology and the environment, circular economy system adapted to companies, our goal is zero waste, add your grain of sand If you require more information on how our system works,
do not hesitate to contact us "

TEC Corp

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